Sunnymeade garden

I'm on holidays in Victoria this week, and just had a fabulous day catching up with a mutual friend of my parents' mine, Charlene. We had lunch in Euroa, and because we had arrived a bit early, mum and I got to check out a shop called the Naturally Made Store, at which I purchased a bangle with a Degas art feature. Lunch was in the lovely garden of The Pickled Olive, among beautiful red roses. 
Then we went to check out an open garden that Charlene had heard about, just outside of Strathbogie. Driving through the area, it's very reminiscent of Scotland, in the names of towns and roads and also the rocky countryside. Gorgeous area.
As we drove there we moved from straight flat country roads to a windy climb through hills, where the trees closed in and the undergrowth grew thicker, which always makes me feel as though I'm entering a magica
l otherworld. 
Then we reached the garden, which is fabulous - a series of garden rooms with different themes, features like statues, structures, ponds, topiaries, hedges. Everywhere you turned there was something to look at, something to draw you on, a path to lead you to the next room. 

It was a wonderful couple of hours of wonder and awe at the creativity and artistry of the gardener, who works at the garden full time. 

Sunnymeade garden is only open four times a year, and is tucked away off the main roads. We would not have gone there if our friend hadn't invited us, and we were delighted to have been shown this remarkable work of art. 


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