art and community

Today I was in Benalla. We spent time in the art gallery, where I saw more of the Australian Impressionists & the Heidleberg School, which was great. Then we went across the lake to the museum and saw collections of women's dress from the 19th and early 20th century (love it!), and a really good history of the bicycle, which is appropriate given that one of our premier cyclists comes from Benalla (Bayden Cook). 
They also had exhibitions on Ned Kelly and Weary Dunlop, both associated with Benalla or the region. 

Then I went over to a community art project that caught my interest. I'm not sure that the aesthetics of it captured me as much as the idea of it. This is a project that has involved local artists, architects and students. I took many photos, hoping to capture something of the project that might be inspirational for me and communities in which I serve in future. Art has such fantastic power to unite, to bring people together, to inspire the fullness of humanity, to create community. That's what I saw in this installation, though I'm not sure I necessarily saw art that I liked for the sake of the art ... 


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