implementing change

I'm blogging inspired by Steve Taylor again. He's just written about a 'migration day' that a software provider is offering for an updated version of their software, during which expert help will be available through an online chat room. As I read Steve's wondering about how this might be implemented in a church change - management setting, I became inspired.
I have been canvassing invested parties, and will be taking a proposal to church council next week, inviting the host congregation of The Esther Project to let us establish a story space for our various communities that gather in the one centre. My hope is that such a space will bring some of the smaller gatherings into the forefront of the attention of the wider community of number 26, and that we might be able to support and encourage each other better. So many of our smaller gatherings are around story in one way or another, and the communities of CC, ELC and EP are all entering phases of reimagining over the coming months, so why not try to bring some of the aspects of our lives together in one space, and in the one metaphor of story?
If council approve this idea, I think I will implement something of a 'migration day' - inviting people into the story space to see it, get comfortable with it, and to provide feedback about how it enhances or doesn't their engagement with the communities of faith connected to it.
Thanks Steve!


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