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Pilgrimage has been a strong spiritual tradition in Christianity throughout history, and has continued to today with many modern day pilgrimages. Are the spiritual places of the world special because of the spiritual traditions based there, or the people drawn there, or some sacred sense experienced from the natural world? Is it the destination, or is it the journey? Is the experience of travelling and being free from normal lifestyle that opens to senses to new thinking and sensations, or is it the coming home with new information and looking at life with fresh eyes?

Three modern day pilgrims from three different Christian denominations will talk about their experiences on pilgrimage to places such as Iona , Taize, Greenbelt Festival, Camino de Santiago. Sarah Agnew, Mike Leske and Michelle Coram will each share about what their journeys have meant to them, with time for questions and discussion over supper. November Friday 13, at 7.30 pm, at the Effective Living Centre. Cost $12/10 Bookings essential, Ph 82710329

This is an event of the Progressive Christianity Network. Michelle is a kindred spirit, part of the Esther Project, and shared the pilgrimage I will be speaking about, to Greenbelt and alternative Christian communities in the UK last year. 
I look forward to sharing the stories of pilgrimage with you on 13 November. 


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