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I led the reflections at Christ Church yesterday, the community that is hosting me for my student placement, and the Esther Project as it begins.
I think I went too long, but it seemed to be reasonably well received. Also, I was far less well prepared than I like to be, which made me appear nervous. I just didn't know what I was saying as well as I usually do. I am disappointed with that.
I know why it happened, though. I've felt like I've hit a wall in recent weeks with the project. This may be because there is still so much of the organisational stuff for the Project in my hands, when I'm more energised by the creative stuff. It is good that when I turn up for a dinner gathering (The Esther Project community gather for dinner and story fortnightly) exhausted I leave refreshed. Others have said the same, so something good is happening around that table, for which I am very grateful Holy One.
I have lots of organisational things to do this week, but am hoping to also get to the script so that it can be edited soon. It will be a month later than I had hoped going into the editing stage, but I guess that's life, isn't it?
For better or worse, though, the reflection from yesterday morning can be found at The Esther Project blog.


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