update - Esther project

The Esther Project now has a website all of its own - from now on most of the blogging about our journey will be at estherproject.unitingchurch.org.au

Looks like we're moving towards developing a small group who will focus their reflections on the community side of the Project, which will be a great help to me, but also offers that group of people a chance to own the Project at a deeper level, and shape a Christian community from scratch. So we'll look at our roles, and I'm hoping mine will be of gentle guidance, working with the team, though still, as 'the minister' ultimately responsible for it. It's an encouraging development.

The play comes along very slowly, which is frustrating. I really need to hand over some of the jobs I've been getting started so that I can concentrate on that task. The website could be managed by someone else, for example, the finances will be managed by someone else, and the searching for financial partners by others - I've been trying to get some guidelines to give them so that I can hand over the job.

Still waiting for a director to be confirmed, so that's a pressing job for this week, as is completing some application forms for funding.

It's a hard slog, starting a new community, a new venture. I gave up on the freelance editing as a potential full time thing because the administrative and marketing set up was so time consuming I had no time or energy left for editing. I hope with this project, I am getting others on board early enough so that my energy is boosted by theirs, before I run out of my own steam ...


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