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As I've been reflecting on how I'm going with The Esther Project I've been looking back over each day in relation to the Key Learning Areas for the field education placement. One of those areas is leadership, and Sandy and I talked a bit about this area a bit this week.
There is a tendency, in ministry, when it gets hard, when there are people far more talented or intelligent or whatever than you, when breaking new ground is back breaking work, to get caught up in the negative. I've been teetering on the edge of that with certain aspects of the process lately, the placement process, the candidating, studying process, etc. And I was running the risk of dwelling on the frustration.
Sandy reminded me that it is important to be alert to these thoughts, and to constantly bring my frame of reference back to the positive. So that all the changes and uncertainty that comes with it around college and the processes at the moment do cause frustration - but if I look at it through a positive lens, I see that the changes have offered me the opportunity to start a new Christian community around Story for my field education placement. And that is a unique opportunity, and much better suited to equipping me to follow my call than an ordinary old style congregational placement. And if it gets hard to implement the vision, constantly coming across unknowns, needing to invent processes, etc., a positive lens helps you to see that the invention is an opportunity for creativity. This new community, the Esther Project, is a chance to provide authentic Christian community for people who haven't found it elsewhere, a chance to share the Sacred Story with each other, and discover new, innovative, creative ways to tell the Sacred Story for the Christian and wider community, offering a change to encounter God in the Story anew or for the first time.
This has been important learning for me this week, and will be valuable learning to carry with me through my 30+ years in ordained ministry.


Michelle Coram said…
Hey Sarah, I feel vaguely guilty that while I've been contemplating the difficult question of my favourite kissing scene in a John Hughes movie over on my blog you've been wrestling with some difficult questions.

It's the fact that this new community is attempting to create something new that makes me want to be part of it. I hope once the community begins meeting that you will feel encouraged and supported.

And between now and the weekend I promise to spend more time with the book of Esther and less time watching Some Kind of Wonderful ;-)
sarah agnew said…
kissing scenes and movies are important issues to contemplate, too
don't stint yourself on the movies, we'll all discover Esther together
I hope the people who join the community feel they can own it, and contribute to its shaping and direction, which will energise and encourage me, too

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