A Psalm of Thanks - after Psalm 30

I will praise you God –
you lifted me up
away from the black dog that plagues me

Holy One, I cried out to you
and in you I found

God, you saved my soul
from the darkness.
Because of you, only
because of you,
I am alive,
no longer captive
in that deepest pit

Sing, cloud of saints, 
sing thanks with me!
Remember God's holiness always

In God we find life and joy
to wipe away the tears of our weeping

When I could not see you
I was lost
Crying out to you from the darkness,
I discovered your light
still burning within

Despair gave way to dancing,
once again my sad heart knew joy

May I never forget that you give to me
the life I live
the love I give
the hope that glows within

I will be grateful to you always,
every day I give to you
my deepest thanks

Published in On Wisdom's Wings, Ginninderra Press, 2013. 


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