becoming ourselves telling our stories

I've been reading Diana Butler Bass's book Christianity for the Rest of Us. I recommend it. Diana has visited some emerging mainline protestant churches in the US and identified some of the characteristics of these growing, thriving churches. 
Last night I was finishing the chapter about Testimony. These churches encourage the sharing of faith stories. Interesting timing, since I shared my faith story at Blackwood's monthly faith sharing evening this Sunday just gone, which I may blog about separately. 
Anyway, on pages 138–42 are reflections on the importance of understanding our lives as story, of sharing our stories, of having our story heard. Some of the comments that struck me include: 
'we become ourselves as we tell our stories'
she talks about a 'spirituality of imperfection', story as pilgrimage, wandering, 'a spirituality of not having all the answers' - a 'spirituality of living the questions' (and there is a fabulous dvd study series for groups to use as they reflect on such a spirituality). 
'Testimony is not about God fixing people. Rather, it speaks of God making wholeness out of human woundedness, human incompleteness.' 
'in telling the stories of our lives, we find we are not alone on the journey. Other pilgrims are on this road, too. Pilgrims have always told stories along the way. And, in those stories, we may well hear God ringing in our ears.' 

These are words of wisdom that I hope will ring in my ears as the theatre company gathers, and community forms around the sharing of our stories. 


Michelle Coram said…
I love the idea that we become ourselves as we tell our stories, and I most definitely love a spirituality of imperfection...Looking forward to Saturday ... and to reading her book.

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