What an experience! That is why we need the arts - to make us feel. And last night was an experience of joy. Deeply felt, and expressed, joy. 
STOMP creates rhythm using skill, artistry and lots of energy. Comedy runs throughout, and there was one point where I was laughing so much I had tears streaming from my eyes. Gold. 
We were involved in creating rhythm, at some points discovering our own creativity, and at others our frailty - we didn't always get it right! 
This show doesn't tell a story with a plot, but it has little stories woven around the characters the performers have created. These characters delight and engage you, build a relationship with you, as well as entertain you. 
The rhythms are at some points loud and boistrous, verging on being too much for you so that you want to step back, then they switch to a subtle, soft, melodious rhythm that pull you back in. 
Amidst some weeks of relentless back pain that is exhausting and, well, painful, that hour and a half of joy was welcome relief. 


Heather said…
Every time she has to wait,
She taps a rhythm with her hands.
Fingers drumming on table-top,
Drink can,
Car door...
Toes pointing out the bar changes,
Notation of objects.

Pattern part 1 draft 1,
Heather Lee
June 09

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