Getting excited about the Esther project

I think people might actually catch this vision for a theatre company / community. What an exciting thought! 
Met today with some of the key support people for my field education placement, which is the Esther project, and we're on the right track. Our planning and preparing is in line with what the college would like us to cover, the host congregation are getting excited, the minister is excited, my supervisor is excited, the college, my fellow students - hey, I am excited!! 
I hope I don't get so impatient to get the assignments done and out of the way so I can get started on the project that I don't do the assignments well ... 
I also hope that if you're reading this blog and want to be involved in the Esther project, want to know more, or know someone who might be interested you'll contact me, or pass on the info to your friends. We're getting ready to begin ... 


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