Preparing easter stories

feels a bit strange to be speaking the resurrection stories during holy week, as I prepare for tomorrow's dawn service at the Port River sailing club for LeFevre Uniting Church. (starts at 6.15 am, breakfast included). 
I think I've had my reflection on the crucifixion part of the story last weekend with Black Wood Jazz, and have moved to the resurrection much earlier than usual in my Easter reflections. Suppose I should get used to reflections on the holy days coming before the holy days themselves, as I begin a life of preparing to lead others in their reflections. 

However, the stories are coming along well, it sounds like the service around it has been planned with sensitivity to the stories, and I have hopes it will be a moving experience for those who come. 
I'm discovering a Mary who is wise, loyal, reflective. 
Thomas is a little down on himself, a bit of an introvert, a sensitive soul. 
Peter, we all know Peter, is again bold, a little brash, and discovering in himself a leader of this movement of Jesus followers. 
I am really looking forward to introducing or reacquainting people with these characters, as they tell their story of encountering the risen Jesus Christ on the beach at dawn. Promises much ... 


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