Happy Easter

Easter Sunday morning I drove to the Port River Sailing Club at Largs Bay very early in the morning. It was still dark when I arrived, though the horizon was beginning to glow in anticipation of the sunrise. 
I was greeted by some dedicated Le Fevre Uniting people who had also got up very early, and we prepared for the Easter celebration that has become a well loved tradition there. 
At 6.15 bells began to ring, and Mary rose to tell her story of that moment of great joy when she encountered the risen Jesus. We sang, were welcomed and prayed. Then Thomas stood and told his story, encouraging others to believe - not doubt - that Jesus has indeed risen, has indeed revealed God to us, has indeed brought about a new Way of Love. 
Another song, our offering and thanks. 
Then Peter's story, another miracle in the presence of the risen Jesus, breakfast on the beach, and the command to feed his sheep, with no pretense at the cost that would require of Peter. 
Singing again, and a blessing, then our own fish breakfast by the beach. 
The story of the resurrected Christ lives on in us, as we reenact it, encounter the story, the characters, the love of God revealed in Christ through the Spirit. 
Happy Easter indeed. 
I would like to thank the Le Fevre community for inviting me to be part of this celebration. There was much interest in the possibility of this community trying Biblical Storytelling for themselves, and I look forward to helping those endeavours, or at least hearing about the discoveries you make. 


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