Esther project update

Well, things are moving along with preparations for the Esther project. Sandy and I are working hard on the learning goals for the field education placement side of the project; there's a meeting next week to nut out a learning agreement which hopefully will mean I can announce the home of the project very soon; we'll be part of the Fresh Expressions strategic plan for the UCA, sharing stories with other fresh expressions of church and the wider church; I've started a facebook group for the Esther project, so that people can be in touch with the story as it unfolds; and very soon I hope to meet with a person involved with the Jewish community, to discuss ways their community and ours might partner, sharing our connections with the Esther story. 
It's all very exciting, and I'm hoping soon to discover someone who could help me develop a business plan for the project, so that we can effectively submit applications for funding with various bodies. 
I'll be starting a blog for the theatre company specifically I think, where I'll record the story of the Esther project and the community that unfolds, and will continue to muse here about other encounters and thoughts with/of the Sacred. 


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