the naked fish

I just finished reading a book called The Naked Fish. It's by Ian Hansen, and Australian educator, and it's tagged as an autobiography of belief. 
I enjoyed it. Why? 
As an autobiography of belief, it takes us through the author's life and the people and events that have shaped his relationship with and understanding of God. The final chapter sums up the shift Hansen made from relatively conservative understandings of God, faith, etc., to what he describes as a 'critical liberal' position at the time of writing the book. I appreciated the language of transcendence and imminence throughout, and of course the connection of art and spirituality that resonates for Hansen also resonates for me. 
Towards the end he speaks of God as process, rather than being (which often involves humans making God in our image). I've had conversations with others on these lines, and I still think of God as being in some way, but not a being - rather the being in whom we have our existence. For me, the relationship between God and creation is quite important, and that might influence that particular understanding of God as being. However, it's not my only view of God, which people may realise who read the thoughts I put here. 
I recommend the book, as an honest exploration of one person's wanderings with God, as an Australian story, as an invitation to reflect on our own 'journey' through understanding and in relationship with the transcendent / imminent Holy One. 


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