update - Esther project

So I really have been given the go ahead from the faculty to gather a theatre company to, in the first instance, tell the story of Esther in a theatre restaurant setting for the 2010 Fringe. 

I'm talking to a Uniting Church congregation about the possibility of this company being based in partnership with them, and once it's all official, I'll be bombarding everyone I know with invitations to pray for this initiative, and with invitations for people to participate in this theatre company come alternative Christian community. 
I hope there are people around Adelaide who will be excited by this possibility, with a broad range of gifts, passions, skills, etc. We'll need finance and promotional, administrative and techie people as much as we'll need actors, stage designers and costumiers. 
I hope this will be a company that might build a reputation for excellence in telling the sacred stories of sacred encounters throughout history, through our own lives, for many years to come. 
But for now, I should stop dreaming and go and finish writing the play so I can submit applications for funding ... 


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