Performance hermeneutic?

While watering the garden yesterday (by hand, within allocated time slot), I not only wrote one of the sermons for the missional hermeneutics course I've just done, but I began to wonder what the goal of a PhD that incorporates the Esther project might be. (I say I, I really mean my brain did what it does when I'm not concentrating, and found it's own way to creativity ...)
So I (my brain) wondered if I might explore a performance hermeneutic. This would be to understand the (in this case Biblical) text through internalising and performing as a means of communicating the message. Reading the text in order to communicate the text orally. I could then explore the possibility for such a hermeneutic through theatre with the Esther project, and perhaps through Biblical storytelling, maybe with the Romans/Phoebe project I have been saving for a future opportunity. 
That gives a couple of performance modes (excluding many, including music, I know), and also tests the hermeneutic with texts from Old and New Testaments. For me personally, this is in keeping with my desire to be a Biblical scholar who is interested in the grand Biblical narrative, rather than specialising in Hebrew Bible or New Testament, as per the status quo. Oh, look at me being radical again. 
If there are people reading this blog, I'd love your comment on the validity of a performance hermeneutic, and especially if you've come across others who have explored such a tool for interpretation.  


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