worship in the park

Christa and I led our eco worship gathering in the park this morning. Gosh it's a different feel to the gathering, as Enid commented, instead of the chatter and hustle and bustle when we meet in the building, this morning people gathered at an easy pace, put their chairs up or spread their blankets out. Some chatted quietly, but many sat, and were still, breathing, listening to the birds, feeling the sun through the shade of the big gum trees, soaking up the atmosphere. It's a lovely way to ease into reflection on creation and the Creator. 

We began with a litany of six directions, inspired by Native American tradition. 
We sang, which today didn't feel quite as 'church-brought-outdoors' as last week. Perhaps coz I was concentrating on leading with the clarinet. 
We heard about the decade to overcome violence, with particular thought about how we overcome violence to creation. 
We had a chance to participate - to sketch, to write, to contemplate, to act out a story. 
As I was working with a group preparing one of the stories, of the prodigal son, I looked beyond, to where people were sitting in their seats, wandering about the oval and surrounding area, chatting, reflecting, drawing, writing. This was a group of people seeking to meet the Holy in this place. mmmm. 
we shared our reflections and Christa provided some more food for thought on the way we live with harmful technologies while striving to develop more environmentally friendly ways to provide the same resources. 
we sang a blessing to each other. 
and people stayed to chat for ages after. 

Some of us wondered if it might be possible to gather in the park for worship beyond the end of January. If enough of us are inspired, perhaps we will. It certainly is inspiring, freeing, enabling, to be outside, in the creation seeking to encounter the Holy. I think it encourages us to reflect, to be present in the rest of our week, having reflected in this way, in this space. 


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