the people of God

I've been thinking recently of the parallels between Ancient Israel in the stories of the Old Testament / Hebrew Bible and the Christian church today. 
I'm not sure where i'm going with these thoughts, but it occurs to me that just as we might learn something through comparison of the reemerging church of the 21st century with the emerging Christian church of the first century, there might be discoveries to make if we compare the body of Christ / Christian church of our time with the chosen people of God / Israel of the Biblical narrative. 
And I suppose I am thinking in terms of the role of Israel as light to the nations, comparable with the role of the Christian church to embody Christ who is the light of the world. Or being set aside (less today with the connotation of God choosing some to be 'in' and others to be 'out', more with the understanding that all are invited and it is we who decide to accept the invitation and set ourselves apart) for the Holy One. Or, and this comes from my early background reading and thinking for the Esther project, in comparison with the Jewish diaspora, maintaining that identity of the people of God who are now dispersed, living among the nations, and trying not to so assimilate as to lose sight of their calling... 
These thoughts are very much a work in progress. 


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