God as a tree ...

I forgot to blog about church in the park last sunday. Blackwood UC are gathering at Belair National Park on the Sunday mornings in January. 
In our reflection time, when we'd been encouraged to contemplate the big, the middle and the small picture of our setting in the park, I contemplated a bush/tree. As I considered the different bugs that were finding food and shelter in the tree, imagined birds doing the same, wondered about creatures in the ground beneath the tree, found myself standing in the shade of this tree, it occurred to me that I was considering the small picture within the tree, the middle picture of the tree in its surrounds, and the big picture in which the tree participates in the life cycle of creation. And I was thankful for this wonder. 
Then it occurred to me that this tree reminded me somewhat of the Sacred - participating in the life cycle of creation, welcoming the many different creatures / humans to find shelter, shade, food, home within, and I was thankful. I was also comforted as I considered an implication of this thought - as conservative thinkers / Christians frustrate me, I can remember the tree, welcoming different creatures home, and take comfort in the fact that there is plenty of room within the Divine for the many different people of God to find home, shelter, nurture, and more. 

I'm helping to lead the reflections for our gathering this Sunday 18 Jan, 9.30 am on the main oval of Belair National Park, and we'll be there for one more Sunday after that, 25 Jan. Love to see you there. 


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