mid course review

As a candidate, according to the old model of training, we have a review about half way through our course at college. This involves a 6 page reflection from me, on things like my sense of call, my studies and experiences as a candidate, things that are challenging and stretching me ... Then I (and a support person) meet with the faculty and a presbytery representative and talk about what I've written. 
So I got to talk about my connection with God - for which I am trying to find new language explain, my difficulty with language of Trinity, which on reflection I should have articulated as being tied up with the way Father/Son language removes the feminine that is more implicit in Creator/Wisdom language, my frustration with my own spiritual practices, which is bound up in possibly not having found the practice for me and being a terribly undisciplined person. That's a long sentence, let me start another. We also talked about how my sense of call has shifted from being quite clearly towards the emerging/alternative church communities I believe we as a church should be encouraging and enabling to form to academia. The more study I do, the more I realise this is not merely a strength, but a gift, a passion. So over the next 6 or 7 months, I have a task to discern the direction to go, and how the two areas I feel called to might both be part of my ongoing ministry. The shape of my ministry, as I have mentioned many times, is yet to emerge - it doesn't look like ordained ministry has looked in the past. This is exciting, but needs continued reflection and discernment on my part. The faculty are just as excited as me, and are really positive and supportive. We are a lucky bunch of students at Parkin Wesley College (or whatever it will be called ...). 
Then we talked about my plan for a theatre restaurant version of the Book of Esther for the Fringe 2010, and whether this project could be part (or all?) of my Supervised Field Education. The faculty were quite positive about the possibility, and will work with me to see if we can make it happen. How lucky am I???? Wow!!!! 

So now I'm going to turn the book into a play, and I'm looking for people who would like to be involved in the Esther project. I'll develop a clear outline of the project, what people are invited to be part of, and might even develop a separate blog site. This will all happen early 2009, so watch this space! I'm particularly keen to engage with artists whose spirituality is expressed outside institutional churches, but who would be interested in the opportunity of forming an alternative Christian community that will participate in one of our city's most important cultural events. 


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