the da vinci code

I finally got around to reading The Da Vinci Code yesterday - yep, I pretty much read it in one whole day! It was gripping. 

I enjoyed the fuzziness at the edges of fact and imagination, the characters, the development of plot - a new piece of information hinted at before being revealed several chapters on, keeping you moving through the book, turning pages, unable to put it down. I guessed the reveal at the climax, but had second-guessed myself several times on that point. Really clever writing. 

I like, too, that the secret society was seeking to reinstate the feminine of the deity. I'm not sure I would use goddess language myself, but certainly I am interested in how our metaphors for God / the Divine / the Sacred better represent both masculine and feminine, as the language that has been cemented in the church for centuries denies the feminine. 

I am not particularly interested in Truth with a capital 't', or that there might be one overarching Truth we all must adhere to. The Divine is certainly bigger than that. This book, for me, offers opportunities for the discovery of truths for the reader, and struck a chord with things I find to be true about the Sacred I encounter. 

If you haven't read it, and I was reluctant for some time, do. But read it with an open mind, looking for truths, not expecting The Truth. 


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