considering my future

I've also been thinking, post mid course review, about how my sense of call to an academic path and to the emerging, alternative church movement might come together in the future. 
I am fairly certain about a future in academia, thinking about and researching the Biblical narrative, and emerging forms off Christian community in light of that narrative and the Christian tradition. I think from this position, I might be able to enable others in the practice of alternative Christian community. 
My SFE, therefore, with the Esther project, gives me valuable practice myself gathering an alternative Christian community,  in the enabling of others, and in the Biblical and theological reflection that I will do myself, and invite others to engage in. The theological reflection will probably include reflecting on the theology and practice of art and spirituality, story, education and authentic, alternative Christian community. 
I must say, this project is becoming more and more exciting the more I think about it!  


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