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Body, art & theology

Last week I went to a 'lecture' given by Rod Pattenden, who was artist in residence for the week at the Effective Living Centre. Rod is a UCA minister and artist, and was leading workshops and studio time in art, spirituality and movement. If I hadn't been finishing off my last assignments, I'd have gone to more. However, I did manage to fit the lecture in, having had a conversation with Rod and others about art and spirituality over lunch last year. 
These things stay with me of the things Rod talked about last Wednesday. 
Artists reflect for us centre and edge, the places where we find stillness and discomfort. He spoke of spirituality as spanning the long gap between edge and centre - I have a picture of movement between. Movement being important, as is engaging with our centre, stillness and being challenged and unsettled by the world.  We saw works of two artists representing the Sacred stillness and the disturbing images of war. Viewing them both we appreciate the n…

speaking about candidating at synod

Sorry about the absence recently. This isn't necessarily new stuff, but a reflection I shared at Synod on the weekend. 
At the annual Synod meeting, there is usually a celebration of ministry service, recognising those retiring from ministry, people finishing their period of discernment, and prayer for those preparing for candidating. They ask a person in or just finished their period of discernment to speak, and also a candidate. This year I was the candidate asked to share something of the experience of candidating so far. Here's what I said. 
The decision to candidate was something of a surprise for me, though it was less surprising for many close to me. It came after many years and attempts to discover a way I could live my life as a creative person in the light of the hope I find in God. As I undertook a period of discernment to listen to the Spirit, having exhausted all my own ideas, I gradually found myself identifying strongly with the role of ordained minister.
By the ti…