women and alt.church leadership

The girls in the group went across the road to a pub to talk with Jenny Baker, who has initiated the Sophia network for supporting and mentoring female youth workers. Sparked a lively conversation about women in leadership in alt.church. 

The Sophia network is a great example for women in other contexts to, having identified problems in having our story told, get together and address those issues and work towards breaking down the barriers. They are working primarily with women themselves, but are opening up conversation with men too, which is important because without their understanding, change will never happen. 

I think we, women that is, need to be good at acknowledging the men who are working in effective partnerships in leadership with women, to affirm such partnership and encourage more of it. Rather than perhaps taking it for granted as what should be - which it should - but actually naming it when it happens, so that it becomes an example, a model, for others. 


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