NOBS gathering workshops and worship

EEEK - I've just asked if I can be one of three people to be tellers in a master class with Pam Faro, key note speaker at the gathering. Three people in the class will prepare a 4 - 7 minute story to tell, and then be picked apart in front of an audience. what am i thinking? 

I've also nominated for workshops about embodying story, and imagery in story (which I'm doing with a double purpose, having identified a weakness when it comes to imagery in my poetry ...). I've put down a second choice of hearing from Urban Seed, an intentional Christian residential community in the heart of Melbourne, offering hospitality to all and walking alongside some people who really need the support of their neighbours.  This is doing church really alternatively! Wish I could do this workshop too, but I think that the first choice at a storytelling gathering should be about practically improving my storytelling ... mmm. 

And I just realised that because I have to fly in after my Friday morning class, which I really can't miss another one of, I'll miss the opening worship, and that probably means we won't do the bookending of the gathering with the creation story hymn like pieces from Genesis 1 and John 1 in their original languages, as I'd been beginning to prepare. I'm hoping there might be a way to get them in there still, as I have learnt Genesis 1:1-5 in Hebrew already, but think it probably won't happen. On the plus side, it's less work for me ... 


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