Manchester - Nexus Cafe 1 September

After packing and checking out, storing our bags in Craig's room because he was staying on another night, we headed over to Nexus Cafe, where Sanctus 1 meet. It's in the basement of a Methodist church building, and has been given to Sanctus for this purpose. 

[pics: Michelle Coram]

Ben gave a rather formal presentation of what Sanctus' life has been. i was again struck by the need to take time to build relationships, in order to allow a community to form and to then
 shape its gathered and spiritual life authentically. The cafe seems to offer a great point of connection for the community, for staff too, with Sanctus. 
[pics: Craig Mitchell]

Art is part of what Sanctus/Nexus do, and they, as a community, have been humble enough to move through different phases of their life together, reshaping as necessary and appropriate for the life of the community. 
Ben has recently been ordained in the Church of England, working half time in an Anglican church and half time with Sanctus. The Methodist church in whose building Nexus is situated also provides a minister to work with Sanctus. Ben described an expectation of the Sanctus community for the leaders / a leader to be able to perform traditional minister type tasks - eucharist, weddings, etc. Didn't get the sense that other communities we met with also expressed such an expectation. Shows how unique each of these intentional Christian communities is, and how important it is to allow each to shape it's gathering and leadership for the specific needs of its members. 

I think I am regaining enthusiasm for the Christian arts centre, having been diverted by academia for a bit. Must keep open to the Spirit's movement to discern which thing to do, when. 


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