storytelling experience

while I'm here, i presented a gospel passage yesterday. it wasn't quite biblical storytelling as i would usually do it, as i had the words in front of me, but it was close. a short passage, i had just about learnt it during the morning as i prepared. 
anyway, as i told this story of the Canaanite woman who Jesus insults by referring to her as a dog, but who takes the insult and uses it to teach Jesus something about his own kingdom, i saw tears in someone's eyes. there are tears in my eyes as i remember. 
this is why i tell the Sacred Stories - they move people, they invite the Spirit to stir our souls. 
i wish i could impart this knowledge, this experience, i wish i could get all people who read the Sacred Stories aloud for the gathered people to tell the story from their heart, even if they are reading the text. it's when you look into people's eyes as you tell the story that each person is moved, is changed, is connected through the story, in the Spirit. 


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