greenbelt 8

Sunday morning
Hugged an emo this morning! Just gorgeous. 
Bought a greenbelt chair/stool, fold up, to save my back. They think of everything here. 

I'm a little overwhelmed by it all today, so am taking it easy. 
There is a lot of fair trade stuff here, lots of products made by people in poor nations, empowering themselves out of prostitution, etc., and being supported by Western friends. Is this not living out the mission of Christ? This festival is fantastic! 
I'm in the internet cafe, charging my phone and waiting for the computer - where i will blog greenbelts 3–6. 
There was a lot of rain last night - kept me awake for a while, though I did sleep better than the night before. The wind rustled the tents so much that I thought people were moving around - Cheryl and I both thought each other was moving about in the tent! 

Worship yesterday: 
Cheryl and I finalised the ending, and were both happy with what we worked out, when the others joined us. Nic, Ben and I set up a production line for the filling of small sealable bags with salt for worshippers to take away with them. Then we filled bowls with water, cut out words, banged up a couple of steel bowls and I rehearsed. Then we went into the room and set up the stations, ran through once more our roles, sorted tech details and I rehearsed. 
Then people came and we began. 
I introduced us as Australian, acknowledged land, explained about our dry land as the context for the worship focus. Then I told the story. All that rehearsal and I missed a line. Noone else noticed, though, so I didn't give myself away, and the story didn't suffer. 
Darren invited people to the stations and away they went. 
People did seem to engage with the stations, take the opportunity to reflect and be renewed. As usual, I didn't really engage with the space myself, beyond offering the invitation to others to reflect. A couple of people at the door, as we handed out salt, expressed appreciation for the space/experience. 
I want to go and watch Rabbit Proof Fence now, though the scene we used was probably way out of context. If anything was moving for me, it was the closing, with that scene and the words i spoke. Cheryl has also blogged about this space, with pics, here


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