greenbelt 7

[pics: Michelle Coram]

saturday night
my back is rooted. pain i would expect, though, after flying to london, not sleeping two nights in a row, stressing over presenting worship and sitting on the ground for too many hours [sunday morning, i have bought a little stool to help with that].
after worship - will blog about that separately later - we went to hear julie lee - jazz, soul, blues. gorgeous voice.
then we got tea and went to the jesus arms organic beer tent. they had a massive hymn singing experience. the tent is huge, really long, and it was packed to overflowing, especially because rain was falling, so those on the edge pushed right in. people were singing at the top of their lungs, lifting beers to God in approval or endorsement of the sentiments in the songs (bad theology notwithstanding). now that's church! [NB - this was my initial reaction, see a later post for further reflection on the experience ... ]
as we sang here i am lord, i felt connected to my church back home, where we sing that often. seems much more than a week since they sent me off with prayer and enthusiastic good wishes.
had an early night, on account of my back, but i am loving being in england and being at greenbelt.


Naomi said…
Really enjoying the updates! You're obviously having a fantastic time :-) (despite the back ache)

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