greenbelt 6

saturday afternoon

wow, i'm powering through my reflections here - should keep you all busy with reading for a few days!

Sitting in the performance cafe waiting for Les Passagers to begin. I met up with some of the group in the session - greenbelt 5 - but i do feel a little like i'm doing this on my own a little.
this hour or so should be a nice moment before the mania of worship set up i think. still need to rehearse a little more.

Les passagers have a huge rain stick - the size of a small didge! i'll put a photo up eventually - sorry, pressed for time here.
did a beautiful version of sos/message in a bottle, and a lovely cover of u2's still don't know what i'm looking for.

the cafe has black material draped as a lower ceiling, and they've sat fairy lights on it. looks like a starry night. will have to use that idea!

my sister bec would love the violin in these songs.

[went too late to buy their cd, so will have to look for it in aus]


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