greenbelt 3

[pics: Michelle Coram (tents & tiny tea tent), Rob Hanks]

Friday - Greenbelt day 1
i didn't sleep well last night. wonder when that will catch up with me ... a couple were having a monumental row in the street in the early hours, which i had to hear. mmm.
i got up early, showered and packed, then read some more of the sally vickers novel miss garnet's angel. i'm not going to make it to her session after all, looking at the program. that's the greenbelt experience apparently.when the other girls (heidi, naomi & kylie) finally got up, we went for breakfast. met up with john on the way, and then found a gorgeous little place in a side street - straight out of the 1930s, complete with war propoganda posters and lime green walls ...we were sad to leave the appartments - very nice.filled in time while others were being dropped off with the luggage by browsing a bookshop, and sat on their verandah in the sun. so nice! i was hoping to thaw out here. i found a couple of Shakespeare books i'll put on my wish list to look up when i get back.Then we came out here, found our tents and settled in briefly. small drama with the sleeping bags, but all sorted.

first thing i went to was a round table with  some alt. church leaders from the uk, usa and aus. really just an opportunity to hear some of the things people are doing around the place. did meet paula, a freelance new testament scholar here in the uk, who is looking at the first century christian communities and what twenty first century christian community can learn from them. similar to the sorts of things i want to looking at paul's letters in my PhD research, so we might meet up for a 'coffee' and a chat sometime this weekend. unfortunately i'll miss her session as there's another i want to go to at the same time, reflecting on whether jesus was a jazz musician!
conversations continued at the tiny tea tent - gorgeous place that i haven't been back to yet.
 burnt my tongue on the wildberry tea i had, though it was very nice.
more worship planning happened over tea, then i went off to a performance - 'elizabeth's last stand'. was a little odd, and i can't remember the premise, but it seemed to be an old lady remembering or visioning Elizabeth 1 moments. quite a good mime. i got a little distracted by the actor, was listed as nola somebody, but she looked quite masculine. anyway, the show was very entertaining, especially the audience participation moments. 

saw michael franti & spearhead on the main stage after that. thoughtful lyrics and groovy melodies and beats. nice opening.

it was sooooooo cold that night, though. i only managed to snatch a few hours of sleep. best of those were after i got up for a loo stop (portaloos, make me think of kenny, though i haven't seen the movie) and put jeans, cardy and jacket on, then left the jeans and cardy on when i got back in the sleeping bag. much warmer.


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