Song of Songs - Network of Biblical Storytellers Int'l Festival Gathering Epic, August 2016 
(video by Tim Coombs) 

What I do as a storyteller: 

    compose, perform and publish stories that lead humans from fear to love

    equip readers of the Bible to engage with and make meaning of the Sacred Stories as whole human beings

    encourage people to tell their own story as a way of nurturing the healing and wholeness of us all

Why I tell stories: 

    because humans tell stories – to make meaning of our experiences of living 
    I believe in the dignity of all human beings 
    I believe that we are fully human – healed and whole – together, and stories bring us together 


Stories of human fear and love, composed by Sarah Agnew.
As a set, in any combination, or individual stories.
For more, click here.

In His House

Stories and poems inspired by Shakespeare's life and works.
From the album, available here.

Blue, Koala? 
When Koala Blue (known as Ruthy to her mother) gets herself lost inside a dark hole, her friends search for hither and thither for her. With the help of a new friend made along the way, Koala Blue's friends keep her company as she slowly makes her way back into the light. Audio available here. Illustrated book available here.

Performance: Jesus will show you love, Palm Sunday 2015 : click here

TEDxAdelaide: stories and grace : click here.

Telling John 10, Uniting Church National Assembly, July 2012 (Video, Craig Mitchell): click here.


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