Sarah has been writing poetry for over 20 years. Her work can be found on this blog, SoundCloud, in the prayer-poems of Pray the Story, and in audio and printed collections.

Poetry publications

Poetry collection : 2018
Resource Publications

illustrated story in verse
a story of friendship in verse
Poetry collection: 2016
Ginninderra Press

Spoken word, poetry & story
Poetry collection: 2013
Ginninderra Press
(available from the author)
Pamphlet: 2014
Ginninderra Press

Video from launch of On Wisdom's Wings

Sarah's poetry also features in collections Mountain Secrets (Ginninderra Press, 2019), Fig Trees and Furnaces (2018)Winter (2016) (Wild Goose Publications), and Learning to Love (Proost, 2014), and Season of a New Heart (The Effective Living Centre, 2010).

In August 2014, Sarah was one of 8 poets to be chosen to turn their works into short films for mindshare ('Woe Is').

Sarah's poetry is also expressed in her prayers and liturgy. Click here for more.

Listen to Sarah read her poetry:


Sarah studied poetry at Flinders University (Honours), and has been offering workshops in poetry and prayer for more than 15 years.

Writing prayers 60 – 90 mins
When we offer prayers in gathered worship, sometimes we want to say something in particular on behalf of the community. Sometimes we want to invite people to speak a prayer together. For our own spiritual practice, writing can be a way to pray – whether through journaling, letters to God, or poetry. 
Explore some ways that writing can enrich your community’s and your own, practice of praying. blog posts on prayer

I am also happy to offer: 

poetry readings
workshops in writing poetry


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