(in)humanity story series

at peace. ode to st magnus. the followers of Magnus and Haaken have stirred up fear in Orkney, and the cousins can no longer rule the islands together. 
video of at peace. ode to st magnus

war. eickmann versus wallenberg. a Swedish diplomat is sent to Budapest to help Swedish Jews to safety. he does much more in direct opposition to a ruthless Nazi officer. 
video of war. eickmann versus wallenberg. 

for such a time as this. esther and mordecai. the Jewish people are in exile in Persia, and the Queen must reveal her true identity and work with her cousin to save her people. 

Mercy Qualified. in which Portia is on trial for her execution of 'mercy.' 

stages set. will and kit, playwright spies in Elizabethan times. Will and Kit, two playwrights who take to spying, or so Ben would have his fellows believe in a pub beneath the streets of London. 
video of stages set. 
audio of stages set - on digital album In His House 

in defence of faith. elizabeth, dutch martyr. Elizabeth reads over the letter she has written to her infant daughter, who was born in prison as her mother awaited execution for heresy. 

the sweet sound of grace. john newton. a vicar sits by his fire as a storm rages outside, and remembers the storms he weathered at sea, and gifts of grace that saw him through. 

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