To see dignity. Changing perceptions. A Midweek Musing.

Sometimes I talk with friends about how others see us, and how we can feel on the outer with our peers as unmarried and / or unparenting women. In one such conversation I remember wondering if our situation changed, how would others' perceptions of us change? If I got married, had children, would they see me as less of an anomaly, now that I was following society's 'script' for me? I wonder.

It got me thinking, more broadly about others' perceptions of me, and how I have changed my thoughts on that. In the past, I have been annoyed if I have felt unseen, or seen through or as something other than my own filters, understanding, picture, of myself.
Now, I am curious, intrigued by what others see that I cannot, from where I stand.

In the past, I might have felt I had to change to fit the pictures others have of me. Now, I feel free to look, from their point of view, and choose to agree, disagree, to change and how I will change, for myself.

Is it turning 40? Certainly the older I get, the freer I feel to let things go, to hold onto much less of my own, definitely, others' baggage.

Today, all I ask is to be seen, with the dignity and worth I possess as a human being. And I shall endeavour to see you thus, too.

I think I can do so because that is how I see myself, after much struggle through resistance. And it feels good. 


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