Diary of a chronically exhausted vicar. Episode 3.

I felt better.

I had things I needed to do, supplies for the house I've been putting off getting for weeks. So I spent two hours at the shopping centre. I did the lifting and carrying of things around stores, and the to-ing and fro-ing of deciding, and then the unpacking and sorting and storing once home.

After that, there was paperwork to do, days of receipts to log, a messy desk to tidy, papers to file.

Then it began. The pain in my arms as I put books on shelves; the pain in my legs as I stood up from sitting. My thinking felt dull and cloudy, my eyes wouldn't stay open.

I thought this episode of extreme exhaustion was drawing to a close.

But I think now it might be time to return to the doctor and get some help to manage whatever this is – and maybe it might be time at last to give it a 'proper' name ...


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