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Midweek Musings return

After a considerable hiatus while I finished the PhD and life in Scotland, spent time resting and recovering in Adelaide with family, and accepted a call and moved to Canberra, Midweek Musings are back!

Each week I will share some of my wonderings, questions I am encountering, reflections I am crafting on the biblical stories. In fact, you will get a fair bit of the latter, either as musings, or separate posts, as in this new season and new ministry placement, I will be preaching and / or curating gathered worship most Sundays.

I will share with you the joys and struggles of finding a home in another new city, and it will be interesting to see what themes recur from the musings during my Scottish Sojourn. And I will introduce you to my new community of faith at Canberra Central.

This year will also feature posts from my 'Year of Turning 40', as I celebrate the close of a wonderfully rich, challenging, and rewarding decade, and embark on another that is full of promise for a di…