Story Eucharist

those who gather at this table have chosen to follow a story
the story of God, who loves
who, from an eternal well of love,
created all that lives – created humans for love,
and invited us into a relationship for life: full, rich, life.
The story is a story of human turning away, and returning,
of prophets calling, men and women singing,
God forgiving and restoring, again and again.

The story of this table, this meal,
is the story of Jesus, who we follow;
who was born under a special star,
inhabited by the Sacred Spirit.
Jesus looked at women and welcomed, men, and healed,
children, and delighted.
The story of Jesus is a story of love,
of peace and justice and courage.

On the night when he was betrayed –
for not all understood, or accepted –
he took the bread they were to eat, gave thanks and broke it.
He looked at his friends and said, this is my body, breaking for you
Eat, and whenever you eat, remember me.
At the end of the meal he took a cup and gave thanks.
He said, this cup is a new covenant made through the spilling of my blood.
drink, and whenever you drink, remember me.
We pray that the Spirit, ever present, will bless this bread and this wine,
will bless us, making these gifts the body of Christ in us.

break bread
distribution: (perhaps singing something like The Lord is my Light from Taizé).

The story is told again and again with this reenacting at tables all over the world.
It is a world still yearning for justice,
for courage, peace and love.
May the story we have enacted here shape our living beyond this moment;
May the Christ we have remembered be our Wisdom Guide,
may the Creator scatter seeds and birth ever new, renewing, life,
and may the Spirit breathe in us and through us, peace, deep peace.

Please feel free to use this eucharist liturgy in worship gatherings, acknowledging Sarah Agnew as its author. 

Weekly prayer-poems by Sarah in response to lectionary portions : Pray the Story 


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