Midweek Musing. On not voting.

I am eligible to vote in the UK elections. I choose not to. A few thoughts on that.

I am a citizen of the British Commonwealth, which gives me the right to vote in Britain's elections while I live here. Because Mother Country. Because Liz II is our queen.
Wait. But voting has nothing to do with the queen, because the head of state does not participate in the decision making processes of parliament.
Also, I don't think Australia should have the head of state of another country as our head of state. (That being said, I'm not voting for a republic until we have a model of head of state that basically looks like the current model but the Governor General represents Australia, not the Queen). If I don't think Australia should be part of Britain as one of the dominions of the realm, it seems inconsistent, if not hypocritical, to participate in their political decision making processes.
So citizen of the British Commonwealth alone is not enough to compel me to vote this week.

I am a citizen of the Commonwealth living in the UK.
But I don't live here, as a choice of where to make my home, my permanent residence. I stay here for the present. I am on an extended visit for the duration of a program of education then I'll likely go home. If I end up getting a job here and making it a more permanent place of residence, then I will participate in elections. But I would not make decisions on the way to raise another's children, designate responsibilities within another's household, or participate in the discernment process for a church in which I was not a member. Not going to participate in the decision making process for a country in which I am a visitor. I disagree with your giving me the right; I disagree with your asking me to be responsible.

For those who reside here, live here, call the UK / Great Britain home. You not only have the right. Even more than that - much more importantly, in fact - you have the responsibility. The elected representatives represent you, serve you. Do not abdicate your responsibility to choose the most appropriate representative for your community. Please.


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