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Midweek Musing: why create?

I know there's something about art and creativity that compels the artist so that you create for yourself, for the sake of the act of creating art, regardless of whether an audience will receive your art.

But what if your raison d'ĂȘtre as an artist is the community?

What if your calling is to be the bard, the storyteller, song singer, sacred space holder, for your community. And what happens if you are, and that call is affirmed and confirmed in many ways along the way, but actually, does the community receive your art, listen to the stories you tell, enter the space you hold, look to you at all as one they have affirmed in this role? What then?

Do you keep on crafting words if it feels like voices will never share them?

Do you continue to curate space, virtual, real, if it seems like people will never enter them?

Do you continue to be who you believe you are called to be, if you are not seen?

These are questions I ponder, listening to a poet perform a piece in affirmation of …

Midweek Musing: two women, wondering who we will be?

There are moments in life for a little bit of 'crazy'. For 71/2 hours of travel to see a movie with a friend. Because she is leaving for the highlands after lunch and the movie times in Edinburgh are awkward, making the logistics too complicated to get our heads around, and we've waited long enough to see the film and don't want to wait any longer. So it seems simpler to drive north with her in the morning, see the film in Inverness, and get the train back south while she drives on to stay with friends for the week.

The drive gave friends who live in different towns time to chat, to sing songs, remember the bands of our youth, share stories. It gave this PhD student on a well-earned break a change of scenery, the sense of movement, a drive and a train ride will provide.

The timing hadn't quite worked out, to take this week off when my sister is here later in the month, so I'll be working in between our adventures to Paris and around Edinburgh. But this week I n…

Midweek Musing. On retreat.

Early in June I attended a writing retreat with School of Divinity postgrads. It was one of my favourite weekends yet, in this Scottish Sojourn of mine.

Friday morning 14 students gather at the foot of The Mound in Edinburgh to board a bus that will take us north of the city. As we load our bags and await the last few arrivals, we chat with those we already know. We're a diverse bunch, some Masters students, some PhDs – and among them, first, second, and third years. We are from Ecclesiastical History, Religious Studies, Science and Religion, World Religion, Biblical Studies, and Theology programs. We are from various countries in Europe, from India, Australia, the USA, and the UK. We are women and men of various ages, dispositions, and vocations. It is a wonderfully and effortlessly diverse group of people, all grateful for this weekend away.

I love driving through the Scottish countryside; in fact, I find journeys of any kind to generally be a joyful space in which to be. On the…

Midweek Musing. On not voting.

I am eligible to vote in the UK elections. I choose not to. A few thoughts on that.

I am a citizen of the British Commonwealth, which gives me the right to vote in Britain's elections while I live here. Because Mother Country. Because Liz II is our queen.
Wait. But voting has nothing to do with the queen, because the head of state does not participate in the decision making processes of parliament.
Also, I don't think Australia should have the head of state of another country as our head of state. (That being said, I'm not voting for a republic until we have a model of head of state that basically looks like the current model but the Governor General represents Australia, not the Queen). If I don't think Australia should be part of Britain as one of the dominions of the realm, it seems inconsistent, if not hypocritical, to participate in their political decision making processes.
So citizen of the British Commonwealth alone is not enough to compel me to vote this week.