friends in Australia participated in Palm Sunday marches, and as news of violence floods our screens, relentless, I have nothing but my pen. 


and my friends are marching
on the underside of the world;
the plundered island,
desert dry land, marching, marching,
on the underside of the world.

and my friends are sitting
silent protests, as voters,
demanding their Members
listen to the silenced, sitting,
silent protests, voting, hoping, hoping.

and my friends are standing
on the rock, almighty fight
in peaceful non-violence, no
riots, no entrance triumphant,
standing on a rock, fighters, for peace.

and my friends are speaking,
tweeting and sharing and daring
to care for the forgotten, down-trodden,
the victims, the innocent – we are speaking
up and we dare you to ignore us.


don't ignore us, don't wipe us
away, discard us, we will stay
this course, will slay your dragons
of fear with our love, won't ignore
them, the Egyptians and Syrians,
the Afghani translator* who paid
like a traitor for us to betray
his service with a sentence; we
will not swipe past the faces
of fathers holding lifeless children,
will not lie down, not pipe down, not back
down; don't mistake us, non-
violent, for weak, easy, push-
overs, we will stand, we will
sit here, we will march on
the underside of the world
and bring it into the light.

* referring to Corinne Grant's speech on Q&A, Aug 2016


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