Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Midweek Musing: preparing endings and beginnings

As you near the end of a PhD, not only are you writing and revising and editing and polishing to a deadline a rather large piece of work, but you have an eye to the future, and possibilities for employment.

And as I look at the possibilities, I begin to wonder if I might not be better off getting myself a husband or wife, who would be less interested in being a husband or wife and more a friend and sometime co-habiter, but primarily supporter of a wandering bard ...

Just a thought

In more serious moments, I scour the internet searching for academic postings in Australia, New Zealand, the UK & Ireland, Canada, (sorry, can't face the prospect of the USA right now), even French speaking Europe. New Testament, Old Testament, Biblical Studies, Homiletics. Teaching, research, post-docs, short term, permanent, casual, part time, full time. I found an interesting post-doc in Belgium, but the timing wasn't right. A couple of times a job has looked promising, but the theology of the institution wasn't a good fit. I haven't found much. Yet.

I also keep an eye on church placements, in the Church of Scotland and the Uniting Church in Australia mostly. I had thought I wouldn't go back to a congregation, but if the right one became vacant at the right time, perhaps I might. I don't see any placements that look like me or my particular call and vocation, so how do I adapt within something close enough? Do I need to find somewhere I can create something new?

I am a storyteller, poet, minister. The call is strengthening with each passing year into some form of bard-like resource minister for the church and the community through the church. In my more serious moments, and there are precious few of those as the late-PhD delirium sets in, I remain committed to searching for a post-PhD step in that general direction. I am grateful for the support and encouragement of friends, family and the sarah tells stories community in this time of discerning and waiting.

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Glenys said...

Phew! You are one amazing woman. Praying for you at this weird time.