Midweek Musing: preparing endings and beginnings

As you near the end of a PhD, not only are you writing and revising and editing and polishing to a deadline a rather large piece of work, but you have an eye to the future, and possibilities for employment.

And as I look at the possibilities, I begin to wonder if I might not be better off getting myself a husband or wife, who would be less interested in being a husband or wife and more a friend and sometime co-habiter, but primarily supporter of a wandering bard ...

Just a thought

In more serious moments, I scour the internet searching for academic postings in Australia, New Zealand, the UK & Ireland, Canada, (sorry, can't face the prospect of the USA right now), even French speaking Europe. New Testament, Old Testament, Biblical Studies, Homiletics. Teaching, research, post-docs, short term, permanent, casual, part time, full time. I found an interesting post-doc in Belgium, but the timing wasn't right. A couple of times a job has looked promising, but the theology of the institution wasn't a good fit. I haven't found much. Yet.

I also keep an eye on church placements, in the Church of Scotland and the Uniting Church in Australia mostly. I had thought I wouldn't go back to a congregation, but if the right one became vacant at the right time, perhaps I might. I don't see any placements that look like me or my particular call and vocation, so how do I adapt within something close enough? Do I need to find somewhere I can create something new?

I am a storyteller, poet, minister. The call is strengthening with each passing year into some form of bard-like resource minister for the church and the community through the church. In my more serious moments, and there are precious few of those as the late-PhD delirium sets in, I remain committed to searching for a post-PhD step in that general direction. I am grateful for the support and encouragement of friends, family and the sarah tells stories community in this time of discerning and waiting.


Glenys said…
Phew! You are one amazing woman. Praying for you at this weird time.

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