Midweek Musing: Guest post. But still on storytelling.

This week's musing comes to you from Phil Ruge-Jones, storyteller and keynote speaker for this year's Network of Biblical Storytellers' Festival Gathering. Enjoy.

Thoughts About Living the Story

Storytellers nurture hearts of compassion. The unhardened heart is a host with arms wide open, inviting in friends and foes. Within its chambers are many acquaintances of forgotten names, and adversaries as well. They may be forgotten by the mind but they are kept in the body. The sacred story often summons this multitude and invites them to dine with us. Sometimes we dine laughing with friends remembered again ... or weeping with them. Sometimes we hear the story and find ourselves sitting at a banquet table in the presence of our enemies. And sometimes we discover among those adversaries our own former selves, the people we were at our worst, what we'd rather forget. In all these invocations, we are welcomed to reencounter our past in the presence of the sacred, and in sacred words picked up again, to reencounter the fullness of ourselves, and to drink with the saints from a cup that runneth over.
Phil tells the Gospel of Mark:

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