November dark, November light

it is the darkest corner of the world,
but we do not believe that darkness
buries every light, so where we are
we'll burn the wicks, stoke the fires,
and turn our faces toward that dark
corner, to see the shadows
flickering in our flames, to see
small light looking back at us; we
will look, eyes open on our freedom
incomplete while humans are not free;
we will not turn away from what we cannot
see, for we are braver in greater 
numbers; flash and sparkle in the sky,
blaze and crackle on the beach; 
flicker, shimmer, quietly on 
the table – most of all,
shine, shine, shine, and so unite
our hearts with those who live inside
the darkest corner of the world. 

inspired by #alightforaleppo, awareness movement initiated by

University of Edinburgh Chaplaincy 


Glenys said…
Oh, Sarah, this is beautiful. May we shine and shine for the Light has come into the world and darkness can never overcome it...

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