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Throwback Thursday poetry : lament


Midweek Musing: the two-thirds mark. Looking back.

Two years. This week marks two years since I left Australia for Scotland. And so I muse on what those two years have held - places I've been, experiences I've had, stories and visitors from home.

Places I have been. 
A little way into the highlands, several times, to Comrie, Dunkeld, Burnim and Collace; and to the self-professed 'gateway' to the highlands, Stirling. Stirling Castle is one of my favourite places I've seen, for the way the story is told through art-installation like reconstructions of busy kitchens, lavish royal rooms, and the tapestry project.

I have also been to the highest villages in Scotland, in South Lanarkshire. Those villages are Lead Hills and Wanlock Head (and they continue to disagree about which of them is the highest Scottish village ...). I have been into a lead mine there, and another creatively reconstructed building telling the stories of evolving conditions for those who lived and worked in that harsh landscape. We were almost blown…

Throwback hope for humanity


Midweek Musing: on peace.

It's International Day of Peace. The musing this week is my version of a Scottish story of peace. 

More about the (in)humanity stories.

I tell stories to encourage us all to seek peace with the love and courage of people such as Magnus of Orkney. If you would like to help me do this, become a patron today.

Throwback Thursday to an empty sky

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Read the full poem, 'perchance'

Midweek Musing: on friendship

Some time back I recorded a video for a worship event. In the end, it wasn't used - time, changing ideas - but it has come to mind with the visit of friends to Edinburgh, friends both individually and as part of the collaborative friendship I have with Blackwood Uniting Church in Adelaide.

20 years of friendship. We had laughed over a joke, then realised, yes, we have been friends for about 20 years. Members of the same community of faith (although I have been by distance for a while), we have prayed together, sung together, laughed and dreamed and mourned together.
Early on, there was a road trip to Melbourne for a music and worship workshop weekend. Over the years there has been affirmation and encouragement in the various ways we offer our gifts to the community - my ordination, her stepping back for a season - conversations of openness and friendship. Now, she is a champion for me as a ministry project for our community of faith, encouraging their support for one of their own,…

Throwback poetry: repeat


Midweek Musing. Finding the way, together, as always.

In recent weeks – months even – I have been exploring my options for enabling my final year of the PhD program here in Edinburgh to go ahead.
I have not done so alone.

The Spirit has been present, as always, and I've remembered to lean on her more rather than trying to stand on my own.
Friends, mentors, family, colleagues have drawn close. Hugs of loving-kindness. Messages of encouragement, understanding, affirmation. Conversations, listening ears, differing perspectives to help clarify my own thoughts.  Financial support. You know who you are. Slipping a cheque into the post, or a note into my hand (or the hand of my parents), transferring money to my account, signing up to become a patron. When it comes time to write the acknowledgements in the thesis, I will not even attempt to name all the donors, for very real fear of missing someone out; not to mention that the list would take a page or more, as it steadily, graciously grows.  I have done very little of this PhD alone. Exp…