The Only Constants - invitation into the deep

The Only Constants – my latest poetry collection – was launched at Pilgrim Uniting Church last month, on an evening when stories from the (in)humanity series were told, with beautiful piano music from Glenyce Durdin in between them.

My dear friend, mentor, colleague, Rev Sandy Boyce launched my book, and spoke words that melted my heart. Thank you, Sandy.

I share her words with permission, and with deep gratitude.

Sarah and I have been companions on the way for about 20 years, and it is my privilege to speak to Sarah’s new book The Only Constants.
 Sarah is a wordsmith, carefully crafting words to convey deep meaning. For myself, I use too many words to convey meaning - though thankfully this is a brief introduction tonight to Sarah’s latest compilation of poems and reflections.
 Sarah has always been incredibly honest with her feelings - joy, sorrow, hope, despair, loneliness, and all the intense feelings that human persons experience in their living. It takes a certain courage and persistence as a poet to gather the right words together that convey these feelings and experiences. Sometimes it’s easy to resonate with those feelings expressed in words, and at such times the role of the poet is one which helps us understand ourselves better. Sometimes it’s to invite us to laugh, and to find joy in simple things. And sometimes those feelings don’t sit so comfortably,  and invite us to sit in that space that invites us to go deeper than we prefer. The poet offers a prophetic voice, where we might prefer short cuts, and surface feelings knowing how hard it can be to delve the depths.
 But Sarah persists, beckoning. Those feelings deserve recognition, to find a place of understanding and greater insight into our shared humanity, and to face the future with hope.
 In this compilation, Sarah explores the human experience of change. We know life unfolds, and nothing can remain the same. Even as change happens, we yearn for the constancy that shores up our identity and sense of worth. Sarah has lived through an intense period of change, and documented some of the impact on her identity, her relationships, her personal sense of worth, and her faith.
 It is my privilege to launch this compilation, The Only Constants, and to invite you to delve the depths and joys, the light steps and the deep delving - with Sarah as our guide through the emotional landscape.
 Thank you, Sarah. Please guide our way with some of your new poems.
Rev Sandy Boyce, 27 April 2016  

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Heather said…
It was a privilege to be at this storytelling session. The stories were told so vividly and the music was beautiful as a settling space for each. As for the poems: each of them has their own vividness in their voices speaking from the page. Thank you, Sarah.
sarah said…
Thank you Heather. I was glad you were there, and grateful for your help to welcome people.

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