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Throwback Thursday to a poem of gratitude


Midweek Musing on friendship and what might be

In which I ponder further ideas of solitude and community.

I sometimes find myself wishing for a greater aptitude for partnering.

The loneliness of the single life is sometimes hard to bear.

The lack of one to bear witness to my life feels
like I sometimes go unseen.

I sometimes find myself wanting more from my friends, with no
partner to read my every word, to comment, show me what,
myself I do not see.

There is no other in my every day to take my care beyond my self.

I go weeks without a conversation diving deeper, demanding
strength to hold its extra weight.

So I wonder, are there friendships I can foster, ask and offer
more commitment, of presence and of honesty, of depth
and claiming time? Can we, as someone pondered in a book*
I lately read, name a friendship as particular, committed, even
publicly promise, make a vow?

I know that alone I have the freedom to imagine, create and dream,
the tasks of my vocation that are mine for all to share.

I know a multitude of people watch and…

A day to choose

I will not celebrate the day
a foreign flag was raised
on land already belonging to your
people, their humanity debased.

I will not celebrate the day
that deep within creates a pit
of empty overflowing sorrow, rage
and wailing with your people.

I will not celebrate this day
while we have no flag to fly
for the nation we have become,
or are becoming, it is time

to choose a day for celebration
that the nation and its people can all
celebrate together, tell a story rich, complete
in all its shadows and its light.

I will still celebrate today, for this day
I began to breathe some several years ago; so
let this day become obscure except for that,
for me and for us all.

after hearing these humans speak

Australia Day. Survival Day.

As Australia Day approaches, I usually offer some reflection or other, a celebration or a lament.

Perhaps I will find some words of my own, but for now, I'm going to leave these words here, in gratitude and solidarity with the Indigenous and many, many, culturally diverse and wonderful people of my home country.

And there are these words, from the President of my home tribe, the Uniting Church in Australia.

One day, indeed, may we all be able to sing, Australians let us all rejoice.

Throwback Thursday celebration of poetry and silence


Midweek Musing. One, Three, you me – on worshipping the One / same God

Recently I saw a conversation - or debate - arise on social media forums in which it seemed some Christians were concerned about something like the conflating of the 'Triune God' with 'Allah' of Islam.

I am wondering, do we not have to conflate all Gods together as one?*

Otherwise, it seems to me we are affirming that there is more than one source of life and hope and healing.

Or, we pursue an arrogance that claims 'we' (whichever 'we' we are) have the only one right system of thought, sacred story, naming and knowing of God among all the various human traditions.

At the risk of censure as a heretic, I simply cannot espouse such arrogance that claims to know God: the sort of arrogance that names God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit** full stop, You're in a box, and we have control. In the Judeo-Christian scriptures there is a thread woven of questions and doubts, absence, distance, ultimate not knowing of God. Even the humans allowed to see God have G…

Throwback Thursday celebration of poetry : falter, fall, fly


Midweek Musing: the gaps in our stories

We were talking about stories, my sister and I, while I was home for Christmas. We had watched the new Star Wars movie together, then enjoyed a lazy day watching five of the eight Harry Potter movies. We noted the planned series of films for the Star Wars story that includes three tangential stories, including the story of Han Solo before we meet him in Episode III. I don't want to know, my sister said; let the hints they give be enough. 

My sister also does not like it when JK Rowling comes out with another piece of information about the characters in the Harry Potter novels, filling in this gap or another about someone's sexual preference, or their past, or their future. Let me fill the gap for myself she says, in not quite those words.

For myself, I'm not sure whether I like the idea of the Han Solo story being told or not, or whether I like JK Rowling to contradict my own filling out of a character as I read the story. On the one hand, I am curious. But I do enjoy the …

Throwback Thursday poem for Epiphany


Midweek Musing: sacred, ordinary reality

This week's midweek musing comes to you with thanks to Blackwood Uniting Church. It was for their worship gathering in the national park this past Sunday that I composed this reflection, and now share it with you, this day of Epiphany. I include with the reflection the poem 'we three metaphor', telling the story of the magi who visited Jesus, and the words I composed for celebrating communion, with another poem, 'epiphany'. Enjoy.

we three metaphor
We three kings –
one two three –
to a king
a threat we’ll be.

From the orient are
we, and yet,
for us, as well,
this king will be.

Bearing gifts,
three, for one
most precious
and long awaited king,

we traverse afar
far away to
foreign fields
of promise and hope.

We three kings,
or more, princes,
wise ones, we

have followed a star,
our intuition,
charts and books,
wisdom, a dream,

across fields, past falls,
through valleys,
over mountains, more
days more nights and on

the star travelled;
the ancients taught