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Throwback Thursday: unravelling

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Midweek Musing: On the restorative power of the beach.

What is your place? The place you go to breathe, to relax, to shake out the days you want to forget, connect with yourself in a moment of calm.

My place is the beach. Specifically Seacliff and Brighton beaches in Adelaide. Here I spent summer afternoons with Nanna, parents, sisters and cousins as a child. Then I got old enough to come to the beach without parents, and would walk the beach or hang out at the nearby park with friends after youth group on a Friday night.

And in the years since then, it has been a place to go, not far to go, but 'away', to that broad open sky above the ocean that leads to anywhere. Away from the stresses of work, essay deadlines, dishes and cooking and cleaning. Away.

Open the car door and the air smells different, of salt mixed with seaweed and sunscreen. Top of the stairs, kick of your shoes; descend into the warm embrace of the sand around your feet. Walk awkwardly across the soft sand towards the wet shoreline, to walk just where the waves sw…

Throwback Thursday celebration of past Christmas presence

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fond memories, as I delight in a warm return to Australian Christmas this year

Midweek Musing: singing Christmas, bringing joy

Four weeks home after 14 months living abroad; four of six and a half before heading back.

Four weeks of sinking into an old comfy chair, relaxed as I recognise the familiar after so long at attention learning so much new.

Four weeks of Edinburgh fading to the foggy dream state of 'did that even happen?'.

As I sat behind the wheel of a car at the roundabout I have driven every day for the past 19 years, it seems as though the intervening year of no driving, of walking the streets of another city was a story someone told me long ago, not the one I had been living, and to which I will too soon return.

Home has wrapped its arms around me, welcomed me as if I had never left it for another, had not flown away, far away.

Friends embraced me as though it had been longer than just one year since we had seen each other. Then we resumed conversations as if they were paused only yesterday.

I have revelled in comfortable silences, easy conversation – none of which I have quite arrived at …

in two places, I wish

to walk this sand with you,
fingers loosely intertwined in
the heat;

to shower trinkets over you, treasures
from places I felt your presence
from afar;

to drink this beer with you,
its taste of home I cannot describe
in words;

to talk and hear you talk
beyond imagined reconnection

Throwback Thursday Christmas Letter


Midweek Musing: a postcard from empty space

I have as a discipline this practice of writing a midweek musing. This week I find myself not musing about much at all, and I have been searching all day for what I might wright. I seem to have found my way to musing about the absence of thought, in something of a postcard from Adelaide.

My absence of thoughts this week is partly induced by another cold or flu or virus. This has been frustrating because I came home to Australia hoping the sun and rest would help me get over the run of illness I have experienced in the latter half of 2015. Perhaps I have overdone the socialising, allowing myself to become run down. Almost every day I have been out with family and friends. Although the depth of knowledge means we can relax, and need not speak even, there is still much to say after a year away, and many friends to see; not to mention a niece I just have to breathe in every moment I can spare.

I have also been immersed in the letter to Rome by Paul. This project at the heart of my PhD the…

Throwback Thursday celebration of Christmas poems

read the full poem here.

Midweek Musing: closing in

edging closer summer sky rumbles,
evoking a knowing smile –
nature’s power, Divine
reminder of human
speck of milky dust;
my joy reaches to the threshold
of your sleepless night
on a kindling bed,
cracking floor a spark
away from roaring
tide that will roll under
cloud uprising – let your
worry reach to the threshold
of my damp airbed
on a borrowed floor,
awake to all
I will miss

Throwback Thursday celebration of Christmas poetry: anticipation


Midweek Musing. Restoring Wholeness

I read today that the English 'to heal' has its linguistic origins in Old English with a meaning of 'to make whole', rather than 'to cure', for which it 'to heal' is sometimes used today.

This week's midweek musing is inspired by the experience of being home, where I am seeking to nurture myself back to healing and wholeness.

What are the things that make you whole? What leads you towards healing?

Where do you go?

Who do you speak to, listen to, sit with, see?

How do you recover, rejeuvenate, recharge?

Why heal and be whole?

Talking with a friend today we noted the idolisation of self-giving in some parts of Christian tradition. The church encourages the giving of time to turning up at every event, the sharing of expertise on every committee, the using of every one of your gifts and even doing things that aren't your gift at all.

Why do you need to spend time and energy on yourself?

For a start, if you are not healthy and whole, you won't ha…