When my own voice falters

listening to the women who believe in me

you told me ‘you are awesome’; I will
take that hat and wear it, play
that role ‘til I believe it of myself without
the costume

you told me ‘you are excellent at all
you do’; I will strap those laces and stride
in borrowed boots until I find
my own again

you told me ‘you inspire me with your
resilience’; I will wield my sword left
handed while cuts and bruises 
are healing

you told me ‘I appreciate
your vulnerability’; I will remain
on centre stage, not seeing all
those empty seats

you told me ‘you will be ok, you
always are’; and I believe you,
for on this you are always

you told me ‘have no fall back
plan’; and so I fall – in desperation
spread my wings and learn
to fly


Heather said…
I just love this.
margieg said…
that's a beautiufl poem.....especially the final verse....
I wonder how this would sound as a song sung by Kylie Brice?? Just at thought!
I also love your sentiment behind your words...maybe misquoted though.... "I hope one day there's no need for an International Womens day...." So true!! xo
Bless you in all you continue to do with your gift with words and feelings, your gift of spoken word, writing and poetry. Love & hugs to you. Margie G :)

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